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 About Salon Foils To Go 
Salon Foils to Go Home Highlights and Lowlights for Hair

I'm very excited to introduce to you my new product, Salon Foils To Go. As a salon owner, working full time as a stylist, I can tell you that foil color has always been 60 - 70% of my business. Never before has the amateur(non professional) been offered a foil kit and this kit has it all.

Salon Foils To Go includes a patented comb, which I designed, that simplifies sectioning the hair for the foil service. The foil, which is also included, gives great definition of color streaks. This gives the customer the option to use as many different colors as they desire. The comb also has three different sides so if the customer would like chunkier pieces, use one side, flip the comb over for smaller, more natural pieces. On one end of the comb is a super chunky notch, which creates big, chunky strands of color. On the opposite end of the comb is a rattail. It's purpose is to section the hair and is also used as the foil applicator. It has a thumb rest to keep the comb stable when in use.

Salon Foils To Go also includes a color bowl, an applicator brush, 2 clips, 40 foils and instructions for use. It comes in a to go container which can also be used for storage of kit items for future uses. (everything in the kit is reusable except the foils) This is everything the consumer needs except the color, which gives them the freedom to choose whatever color(s) they desire.

Foil highlights are not a temporary trend, they have been the number one requested salon service for the last 15 years. People are  using their hair as an art pallet. With Salon Foils To Go the consumer has everything they need in one kit. I'm confident the Salon Foils To Go will be a huge success right now, but like home perms, will also be selling for years to come. It's a great option for those who simply can't afford salon highlights but would like multiple tones in their hair. It's also great for those stylists who don't know how to foil hair or for the amateur who just loves to play with color. This is the only kit I know of that offers such great versatility, making it easy to be creative in temporary, semi permanent, or permanent hair color.

I've been in the salon industry for 17 years and would assure you Salon Foils To Go will be the next big trend in at home hair color. It's the only kit available that mimics the salon foiling process; salon foils broken down to it's easiest form. It's very simple to use (so easy that I let my children who are 13, 8 and 6 highlight my hair all the time) and it will market itself. I'm certain this product won't disappoint you and will also generate extra color sales making your company very happy.

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