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Our patented comb is an original,
it's what makes this product so user friendly and unique.

Whether your a stylist or an at home user our multi-functional comb
will save you time and give you the perfect weave easily.


Due to popular demand
we are sold out of kits!

For a limited time only
you can purchase just the

Single Patented Comb
Only $9.99

Tax & Shipping Included

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Weaving Comb for Highlighting

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2 Patented Combs
Just $14.99

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3 Patented Combs
only $19.99

Tax and Shipping Included
(USA Orders Only)

Scroll down to view a video demo and see for yourself what a time saver this tool is,
in addition it also provides the perfect weave every time for fast, consistent results.

Demonstration Video

Tutorial Video

The purpose of this comb is to separate certain strands of hair from the rest to highlight or color just those pieces of hair. Depending on which side of the comb is used, different looks are achieved. The Rattail end of the comb is used for sectioning hair. For natural looking highlights, one side of the comb has smaller notches that are closer together. For a chunkier, thicker  highlight, flip the comb over and the notches are bigger and deeper. On the end of the comb opposite the rattail end is a 3/4" notch which creates really thick, patchy highlight pieces. Choose one side of the comb or use them all. Get really creative and use two or more different colors. The foil separates each section so your options are limitless. Easy Steps to...

 STEP 1:
Sectioning Hair 

 STEP 2:
Lifting Sectioned Hair 

 STEP 3:
Applying Foil 

 STEP 4:
Applying Color 

Home Highlighting Kit for Hair

Salon Foils To Go Kits SOLD OUT!
(You can still purchase just the patented comb, scroll up for options)

Original Foil System Includes:

  • Triple-Sided Highlight Comb for Natural, Chunky, or Super Chunky Looks!
  • Bowl
  • Applicator Brush
  • 2 Clips
  • 40 Foils

Introducing the First Multi-Coloring System that allows you to create blonde highlights, brown lowlights, redlights or any color, all in one process. Click Here to Download a FREE Brochure.

Our unique foil kit features a reusable triple - sided highlight comb that creates natural, chunky, or super chunky color streaks. Use one side or use them all. Get really creative and use two or more different colors. The foil separates each section so your options are limitless. Every item in the kit is reusable except the foils.

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Color(s) sold separately for consumers' benefit and freedom of choice.

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